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DLR Book

How David Lee Roth Changed the World

Darren Paltrowitz

About this book

What do you do after leaving one of the world’s biggest bands? If you’re David Lee Roth, you write a memoir, become a radio host, sell a screenplay to a major studio, get certified as an EMT, play Vegas, and put out bluegrass versions of your biggest hits. And then you rejoin Van Halen for a reunion tour.

Encompassing the highs and lows of a truly unusual career, DLR Book is an intimate look at the force of nature that is David Lee Roth, from his start with Van Halen to his highly publicized departure from the band and his triumphant return. Drawing on nearly one hundred exclusive interviews, author Darren Paltrowitz delves into Diamond Dave’s many extracurricular activities, including his unclassifiable video series “The Roth Show,” the rise and fall of his syndicated radio program, and his line of tattoo skincare products. Also included are conversations with some of Roth’s most popular collaborators (among them Steve Vai, Billy Sheehan, Travis Tritt, and Korn’s Ray Luzier) and contributions from figures influenced by Roth, including Jason Aldean, Billy Corgan, Butch Vig, and legendary sumo wrestler Konishiki.

Filled with exclusive photographs from Lit bassist Kevin Baldes and an introduction by WWE superstar Diamond Dallas Page, DLR Book is a front-row seat to one of the wildest and most unpredictable artists of all time.

About this author

Darren Paltrowitz is a licensed private investigator who began working around the music business as a teenager. Since then, he has worked with numerous influential recording artists, including OK Go, They Might Be Giants, Tracy Bonham, and Loudness. Darren is the host of “Paltrocast With Darren Paltrowitz,” which airs weekly on over 80 television stations in addition to key podcast and digital outlets. When not busy with writing, investigating, or co-hosting the world’s only Roth podcast (“The DLR Cast”), he and his wife Melissa enjoy their adopted hometown of Long Beach, New York.